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too much information?!

Cereweb is based in Ceredigion,
west Wales - an area
made up of miles of
rural countryside and
beautiful coastlines.
For links to resources
on Ceredigion,
follow the link below.
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what about costs?

Projects are
costed on an individual basis -
everyone has a different brief
when it comes to their website.
For example, you may
already have your ‘artwork’ - or
design - but need this translated
into web pages, or you may
need an entire web production
including promotion. Also, we may work with print designers or specialist programmers depending on your online needs.
contact us to discuss your requirements


If you want a professional web presence, contact Cereweb. If you’re just starting to think about getting online or want to inject some life into your existing web presence, we can advise you.

Complete Site Design

Cereweb will guide you through the entire process of getting your business or organisation on the web. We will meet with you for an initial consultation and find out exactly what your requirements are and how we can help you to meet them.

A basic guide to getting your company online

Our range of services

Cereweb can provide different levels of service depending on your requirements.

  • Start-to-launch website service. Cereweb can provide a complete service from initial research to putting your website online, even if you don't have a corporate brand yet - we have print design experts who will provide your brand on consultation with you.

  • Graphic design/logo creation/interactive features. You may simply be seeking to enhance your existing web presence by adding interactive components such as online forms, a database - for example your product catalogue, search facility or Flash animation.
  • Applying web accessibility standards. You may have commissioned a design agency and wish to ensure your site abides by web accessibility guidelines in order that you reach your entire target audience, Cereweb can advise you on any of these issues and can work with your design agency to achieve A, double-A or triple-A DDA* compliancy depending on your requirements.
  • Usability/focus group testing. If your site has already launched but you are concerned about accessibility and/or usability issues, Cereweb can help. We have our own stringent testing checklist based on DDA* requirements in the UK and also research from organisation such as the DRC** and RNIB*** on how to design and develop accessible and usable websites.

Contact us today with your web objectives to see if we can meet them.

* Disability Discrimination Act
** Disability Rights Commission
*** Royal National Institute for the Blind

Contact Cereweb web design: info@cereweb.co.uk