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Ceredigion links

Cereweb is based in Ceredigion,
west Wales - an area
made up of miles of
rural countryside and
beautiful coastlines.
For links to resources
on Ceredigion,
follow the link below.
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About Cereweb

Cereweb was founded in 2003 and specialises in creating web presences for small to medium sized businesses.

Cereweb's chief developer is Kathryn Cullen. Kathryn has over 10 years of experience as a web professional, working on behalf of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and interactive design agencies for a diverse range of clients around the world, from blue chip through to small/home business.

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Cereweb offers a range of web services to help you get your business online, and will guide you through the process from the initial consultation to your website launch – and once your site is online, we can support you in keeping your website working for you.

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Contact Cereweb web design: info@cereweb.co.uk